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Premium Lens Implants

Exciting Advancements in Cataract Lens Technology

Exciting advancements in ophthalmology are now available to patients being evaluated for cataract surgery. If cataract surgery is the best treatment for you, there are now premium lens implant options that offer your best possible visual result. Central Florida Eye Specialists and Laser Center uses the latest technology for each patient's assessment in order to provide the most precise data possible, facilitating optimal vision correction — customizing solutions to suit your specific eye care needs. Prior to your appointment, please feel free to research these choices below or call us with any questions:


Premium Single-Focal Lens Implants

These lenses are the ideal for many cataract patients. The single-focus lens implants give patients the best possible clarity at one distance, either for far away, intermediate or up close. Glasses will be necessary for some activities.

alcon acrysof toric lens implant

Alcon AcrySof Toric Lens Implant

The Toric Lens Implant, for cataract patients with astigmatism, corrects both conditions simultaneously. The lens incorporates an optical design that corrects for pre-existing astigmatism in cataract patients, resulting in significantly improved distance visual outcomes.

Bausch & Lomb Trulign Toric IOL

Trulign Toric Lens Implant has been designed to correct more than just your cataracts. It offers the distinct advantage of an accommodating premium IOL with custom control of astigmatism. Trulign can give back a broader range of vision by reducing your dependence on glasses. You can have better vision in many everyday activities , such as using a computer, reading, and driving day or night.

Multifocal Lens Implants

Traditional lens implants are monofocal of single-focal lenses, meaning they offer vision at one distance only (far, intermediate, or near). The new multifocal and accommodating lens implants offer the possibility of seeing well at more than one distance, with less dependence on glasses than the standard mono-focal lens implant. These premium lens implants are available for select patients who meet specific criterion set by Central Florida Eye Specialists and Laser Center physicians:

alcon acrysof restor lens implant

Alcon AcrySof ReStor Lens Implant

The ReStor Lens Implant uses apodized diffractive technology — a design that responds to how wide or small the eye's pupil might be — to best provide near and distance vision, but objects at intermediate distances may still be somewhat out of focus. No lens can promise you perfect vision or that you will never have to wear glasses ever again. But in FDA studies with this lens, 80% of patients reported that they never wore glasses after the procedure. When patients did need to wear glasses, most often it was for intermediate distance, for example: piano music, computers that sit further away, top shelves at the supermarket.

Bausch & Lomb crystalens lens implant

Bausch & Lomb Crystalens Lens Implant

The Crystalens Lens Implant has hinges on both sides of the IOL, which can be moved by the ciliary muscle, allowing the eye to focus more naturally at a greater range of distances than traditional IOLs. The first FDA-approved "accommodating" intraocular lens implant, the Crystalens lens implant best corrects vision for distance and intermediate, but objects at near distances may still be somewhat out of focus. The advantage of this lens is less night glare, and sharper contrast. But most patients still will need reading glasses for small print or if objects are close up.

Symfony IOL & Symfony Toric IOL



Personalized Attention to Your Particular Needs

Each of these advanced technology implantable lenses uses a slightly different optical design to help you achieve your goal of clear vision. The best way to determine which lens is the best choice for you is by coming in for a complete eye exam. Once our doctors have measured and examined your eyes, we can discuss your lifestyle and vision needs, and discuss which procedure will help you see your best. Your surgeon at Central Florida Eye Specialists and Laser Center will make his recommendation for you based on your specific physiology and needs.

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