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LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation for Dry Eye

The front of the eye is covered by a smooth tear film that helps focus light. The eyelids produce oils that flow above the tear film to keep it from evaporating. As we age, the olive oil consistency of the natural eye oils turns into a thick butter. This thick oil clogs the tear glands resulting in inflammation and insufficient lubrication of the eye surface. This causes eye irritation, itching, discomfort, and can even lead to styes and chalazions to form. This chronic inflammation and irritation can lead to blurry vision, scarring, and eye pain.

The LipiFlow system is a new groundbreaking dry treatment that uses a Vector Thermal Pulse Technology to apply heat and pressure to the individual oil glands to liquefy the oil and reopen them. Essentially, the system is able to perform a “spring cleaning” for the eyelid glands where it is needed most and rejuvenate the ocular surface. Clinical studies reported 79% of patients having improvement in dry eye symptoms just after one treatment. Having the LipiFlow treatment as a supplement to your normal dry eye care can provide long lasting relief and restore the natural balance to the surface

What is the goal of the procedure?

The goal of the LipiFlow Treatment is to reopen obstructed oil glands and improve dry eye systems. The oil glands may get plugged again in the future and require repeat treatments. It is important to continue warm compresses and eyelid massage after treatment to prolong the effect.

How is the procedure performed?

LipiFlow is an in-office procedure which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Heat pads are secured to each eyelid and apply gently direct pressure to liquefy and express the content of each gland. The treatment is not painful and the patient is able to drive home afterward.

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