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What’s The Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

Our lives and daily activities are different this year, but there are still so many beautiful things all around us to appreciate. Try this quick exercise listed below to escape to your HAPPY place: 

  • Step 1: Take a deep breath in 
  • Step 2: Slowly breathe out all of your stresses and frustrations
  • Step 3: Focus on ONE mental beautiful image

Can you see it? It is amazing how one beautiful picture that reminds you just how lucky you are and a moment that makes you SMILE!

Our Eyes Are Amazing Windows To Our Daily Lives   

The human brain process images visual cues better than the written language. The eyes are simply the transportation for messages sent from the brain via the optic nerve. Our eyes are one of the most complex sensory organs and your future can be colorful and full of life just by making sure you see your eye doctor. 

We love FUN eye facts at Central Florida Eye Specialists and we would like to share a few, that you may not know! 

Here are 7 Fascinating Eye Facts 

1. Your iris (the colored part of your eye) has 256 unique characteristics; your fingerprint has just 40.

2. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

3. Ommatophobia is a fear of the eyes.

4. Your eye is the fastest contracting muscle in the body, contracting in less than 1/100th of a second.

5. The shark cornea is nearly identical to the human cornea, and has even been used in human eye surgery!

6. Your eyes can distinguish approximately 10 million different colors.

7. The average person blinks 12 times a minute (bet you just blinked!).

More Than Meets The EyeOur eyes are far more impressive than we know.  Thank you for your continued loyalty to our practice. We LOVE our patients!

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